Quick In Store Assessment: ($0)  

This is a quick check of the condition of your system, we will take a look to see if there are any obvious signs of hardware failure as well as well as talk to you to see if what is happening sounds like software hardware or whatever else the case maybe.  In some cases we may even fix a simple problem at no cost.


Quick Fix If Possible: ($30)   

This is a quick system check and fix whenever possible.  Fixes this might include are password removals, basic system instruction, email setup minor cliches that can be easily fixed.  These fixes are generally less than 20 minutes.  


Simple Data Backup and Transfer: ($30)  

This is were there is a working computer and we are just transferring files to a backup device or another computer and less than 50 gigs of data


Data Backup and Transfer: ($60)   

This backup is when a hard drive needs to be removed and accessed remotely on another computer or is larger than 50 gig worth of data.


Hardware or Software Installation: (40)   

Install of one hardware devise or 1 software program.


Data Recovery and Backup: ($200)   

This is in the event of files that have been lost due to being deleted, hard drive starting to fail but still powers up.  ($60) Deposit required.


System Diagnostic: ($60)   

This is cleaning, visual inspection of parts, test of memory and hard drive and other components as needed.  The diagnostic is waived if purchasing a new computer and is also applied to a full system clean up or reload of the operating system.


Per Hour Rate: ($80)   

This is dedicated time on a customers computer problem.  This would include one on one instruction software setup, remote support and onsite service time.  Billed at ($40) per 1/2 hour


Onsite Service: ($50) + ($80) Hourly Rate   

Onsite service is available by scheduled appointment.  We also try to limit these services to new computer setups wireless configuration, in home instruction and such.  We can do onsite trouble shooting and full system cleanups but the hands on time for these services are hard to predict.  


Onsite Computer Pickup: ($50) 

If you are wanting an onsite service mainly because you don’t want to unhook everything and bring it to us the pick up service is a great option.  We will come to your home, pick up your system and when the repair is done we will bring it back and hook it back up.


General Maintenance and Clean Up: ($100)   

This is our standard service that most repairs fall under.  This includes the initial diagnostic, physical removal of dust, visual inspection, memory test, hard drive test and additional hardware inspection and testing as necessary.  Scans for malware and viruses and rootkits as well as various software maintenance to get your system running the way it was designed to.


Wipe and Reload: ($100)   

This is when we completely reinstall your operating system.  This also includes the reinstall of antivirus software and an office program.  If you do not have a paid version we have ones we can recommend.  Or we can install a few free comparable programs for no extra charge.

When we do a reload of the Operating System this sometimes goes back to the factory original condition or in many cases we will opt for a clean install of the newest version of windows 10.  Sometimes computers have been compromised to a point where they can not be adequately repaired and a full reload is the best course of action.


Laptop Screen Replacement: (Hourly Rate + Cost of Screen)  

Some laptops are very easy to work on and others are not but for a basic non touch screen laptop we estimate 1 hour of labor.


Laptop Power Port Fix: (Hourly Rate + Cost of Replacement Jack) 

Power ports on laptops get broken all the time.  If you can move the plug and it get the laptop to power up and charge the battery but it keeps loosing connection you want to have it fixed.  There is a much better chance of a successful fix if you don’t wait for it to fail completely.  We generally estimate 1 1/2 hours labor.


Mac Service by Mac Certified Tech: ($110 Per Hour + Parts)   

We work with a Mac certified technition who works in our shop on a per job basis.  He can come out and do onsite service as well but there would be an additional $50 travel fee.

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