Computer Running Slow?

Has your computer just started acting up, running slow, locking up occasionally?  It could just be that your computer needs to be cleaned up and optimized.  Sometimes programs that you don’t need or want are running in the background slowing you down.  Some computers just needs a little TLC.  Other times you might need a hardware upgrade.  Either way we have you covered.

Are You Infected!

Virus and Malware Infections are one of the most common problems facing computer users.  Pop ups, redirects to pages you don’t want to go to and overall poor system performance are all indications of an infected system.   Here at Rx Computers of Rochester we can help get your system running back like it should

Is It Hardware Failure

Sometimes parts  of your computer can just start to fail.  Just because  you have a newer system does not guarantee that hardware failure isn’t happening.  Partial failure can cause any number of problems and sometimes can act like a software problem or infection. From hard drive, to memory, or full system board failure we can access your system and determine what needs to be done.

Need A New Computer?

Is your computer just getting old and outdated?  Is it time that you just need to upgrade to something that is going to suite your needs better.  Whether you looking for that new tablet, high end gaming computer or just a good basic laptop at a good price.  We can help, with a good used computer or a brand new one.

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