Just a Quick List of Our Pricing

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Quick In Store Assessment:                      ($0) 

Quick Fix If Possible:                                ($30)   

Simple Data Backup and Transfer:           ($30)  

Basic Data Backup and Transfer:             ($60)

Hardware or Software Installation:          ($40) 

Data Recovery and Backup:                     ($200)  Deposit required: ($60)

System Diagnostic:                                  ($60)  

Per Hour Rate:                                          ($80)  Billed at ($40) per 1/2 hour

Onsite Service:                                         ($50) + ($80) Hourly Rate   

Onsite Computer Pickup:                         ($50)

General Maintenance and Clean Up:       ($100)   

Wipe and Reload:                                     ($100)

Laptop Screen Replacement:                  (Hourly Rate + Cost of Screen)   

Laptop Power Port Fix:                            (Hourly Rate + Cost of Replacement Jack)

Located at

664 Columbus Ave

Rochester, NH 03867


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Open Mon – Fri 9:00am to 4:00pm

Saturdays by Appointment